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Extensive travel and tourism guide for Estonia, Europe

Estonia Travel Guide

As foreign investments have poured in, Tallinn, Estonia's capital, has been dramatically transformed: The medieval buildings of its Old Town form a charming backdrop for its vibrant civic life. The streets are full of Western cars, and shops and restaurants have lost that dreary Soviet aura. The city seems flooded with Finns and other Scandinavians who've come over to take advantage of lower prices than they'll find at home.

Estonia even feels a little like Finland South, which is not surprising given its closeness to Finland, both geographically and ethnically. And while its people can seem a bit Finnish, too, in their emotional reserve, we've found that Estonians tend to greet tourists warmly -- they take pleasure in telling visitors about their country's sites and history. With a legacy of medieval castles and pagan ruins, German manor houses and grim Soviet skyscrapers, Estonians are sifting through their past, trying to reclaim their European heritage. The excitement of rebuilding their country has died down to some extent, but their pride in being Estonian is still as powerful as ever.

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