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Extensive travel and tourism guide for Finland, Europe

Finland Hotels & Reservation Guide

Lohja, FinlandThere is an expression -- "as talkative as a Finn" -- meaning, of course, just the opposite. It is true that Finns are prone to long silences; nevertheless, when the mood is upon them -- and it can strike at any time -- Finns can be as lively and talkative as people from any other nation.

Finland can appear to be two countries -- one in winter, another in summer. In winter, you'll find a people hunkered down for a long twilight, when the sun never quite rises. It's then that the Finnish character trait known as sisu -- a sort of melancholy fatalism -- prevails, and it might take a group sauna to melt the Finns' seemingly cool reserve. But in summer, when the sun never quite sets, you'll find a lively, outgoing people who never seem to rest. Long days mean more time for galleries, museums, cafes, live music of all kinds and, especially, the great outdoors. The country has an abundance of scenic lakes, islands, forests and pristine wilderness to explore, and a Finn is never more at home than in the countryside, where most Finns have a cottage to which they retreat on weekends. At other times, Finns flock to galleries and museums in numbers rarely seen in other countries, and Finland is said to have the highest rate of newspaper readership in the world. Finns take their culture seriously -- and demand the same from visitors. The visitor to Finland, whatever his or her tastes, will find much to delight, to amuse, to inform and to enchant.

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