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Extensive travel and tourism guide for Iceland, Europe

Travel Iceland - The "Cool" Iceland

Iceland is so close to Europe that you can just go there on whim for a quick change of scene and scenery. With regular flights from many European gateways, you can be there in less than three hours for a long weekend or even for a long day trip. What you can see and do depends on how long you go for and at which time of the year. While you´ll need a longer time in summer to explore the country to the full, efficient sightseeing tours will give you the chance for a quick year-round experience of several miracles of nature as well as the urban revelation of culture, nightlife and good living.

Many people seize the oportunity of a cultural event such as a concert in Iceland to take a break with unimaginable combinations of other leisure attractions in a sizzling new environment. For instance, you can go bathing in thermal waters virtually the moment you get off the plane, dine afterwards on the best gourmet seafood you´ve vert tasted, see your concert, join the thousands on Europe´s liveliest after-midnight pub scene, then round off your trip the next day with some whale watching before catching your plane back, refreshed, invigorated and astonished.

For stays of a couple of days, classic sightseeing attractions such as the "obligatory" Gullfoss waterfall, sputing Geysir and historic Þingvellir are always a stunning change from the urban landscape, but the appeal of Iceland´s natural forces is more than just a snapshot through the window. You can interact with the forces of nature through river rafting, glacier exploration by snow scooter and a host of other new and sensational ways, within easy reach of the city. And once you´re back in civilisation, there´s just as much action and interaction on the nightlife front.

Some traveller love Iceland not only for what they can be sure of finding, but equally for the regular surprises it springs. What other country boasts a phallological museum on its capital´s main shopping street? And you could well chance upon a short festival or celebration of your favourite field of art, music or film - or discover a new one that simply doesn´t get any space in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Whether you want to let off steam, see the natural and cultural sights, stroll, shop, celebrate or just breathe in deep - it´s all there in endless permutations. There´s always something new and exciting in Iceland whatever the time of year, but be sure to check out the seasonal features.