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Extensive travel and tourism guide for Iceland, Europe

Action and Wellness for Everyone

You can interact with Iceland´s world of natural wonders in endless ways. Some activities such as swimming in geothermally heated pools are part of the everyday lifestyle. Others are ideal ways to relax from the stress and cares of modern life. Yet others offer you the challenge of the mightiest forces that nature can muster.

Glacier exploration
by snow scooter, snowmobile or modified 4X4 — whatever the season

Horse riding
Riding tours on the unique Viking horse, for everyone from complete beginners to experienced horsemen, from one hour to more than a week

year-round in outdoor geothermal pools

there’s no feeling quite like teeing off in the midnight sun

every locality has its own special attractions — find them on foot

salmon, trout and sea fishing, for all skill levels and budgets

Winter sports
skiing at various sites, with excellent facilities

Mountain biking
— it’ll leave you breathless!

River rafting
thrills and spills in swirling glacial waters

on inland waterways, gentle bays or wild shores

Wining, dining and nightlife
quality cuisine, good living and lively places to socialize

... and endless surprises besides