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Extensive travel and tourism guide for Iceland, Europe

Quality food

With its pristine nature, clean water and pollution-free atmosphere, Iceland in not just a place to feast your eyes on. This fresh and refreshing environment also produces quality food that is the ultimate in good taste.

Icelandic seafood is unrivalled for its quality - and you can sample its delights straight from the sea. Restaurants offer a wide selection of fish harvested fresh from the ocean daily, salmon is available both wild and farmed, and the lobster is a treat you´ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Highland lamb heads the list of favourite meats. Lamb has a flavour reminiscent of game after grazing in the wild on highland pastures rich in herbs, and is hormone-free, reared on small environment-friendly farms.

Seasonal delicacies include ptarmigan and reindeer (early winter), while range of seabirds are included among traditional foods now served up to exciting gourmet standards. And don´t forget to round things off with a dessert of skyr (a type of curds), preferably served with fresh bilberries and cream.

From the traditional menu, hangikjöt (smoked lamb) is the number one favourite among Icelanders and their visitors alike. It´s served equally as a warm main dish or in cold buffets. The truly brave at heart who are in Iceland in January and February will find a worthy challenge in the form of the ancient midwinter Þorrablót: pickled, sour meats and rotten shark are among the delights worh trying once a year.

You´ll find ample opportunity to dine in style, not just in downtown Reykjavík but at restaurants in most main communities.

And of course you don´t have to leave Icelandic gourmet cuisine behind you when your visit is over. Foods such as salmon (especially graflax, cured with dill), lumpfish roe caviar and a variety of cheeses are among the most popular souvenirs.