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Extensive travel and tourism guide for Iceland, Europe

Iceland Car Rental Travel

Play it safe! Don't take risks near waterfalls, rivers or hot springs. Keep a safe distance - and drive carefully.

Travellers visit Iceland today for exactly the same reasons that motivated the Vikings who discovered the place in the ninth century - the love of freedom. Whether your delight is in vast, untouched and uninhabited expanses of landscape, or strolling around town making friends, you´ll fell free in Iceland. And a whole host of travel options are available f instead of taking organized tours you want to decide the pace for yourself. You can travel the 1.340 km Ring Road in part or full, or head out to see the sights on fjords and peninsulas which branch out all over the country.

Local accommodation is available to suit every taste and budget, ranging from quality hotels in larger towns, through summer hotels (regional school premises) with beds or room for sleeping bags, to guesthouses, farm accommodation and campsites with standard facilities.

Car rental - on the spur of the moment or as part of a "Fly and Drive" package - has become a big favourite in recent years. A wide range of vehicles can be rented, including 4WD, but drivers are advised not to venture alone where there are unbridged rivers on the tracks.

Those who fancy the challenge of touring under their own physical steam will find that cycling more than repays the calories spent. Cyclists should come prepared for all weather, even at the height of summer. A number of cycle rentals offer good mountain bikes, while both the car ferry and aircraft take cycles aboard too.

Go-it-alone travellers should always remember that it´s sometimes aa very short step between feeling free and getting lost. Hikers, glacier explorers and interior wanderers should always notify someone of their plans when heading out into the wilds on longer hauls. Also, off-road driving is strictly forbidden - sensitive sub-Arctic vegetation needs the freedom to grow and flourish too, and surface damage from tyres can take decades to heal.