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Slovenia, a green and diverse country between the Alps and the Mediterranean, boasts all the beauties of the OLD WORLD. In Slovenia you can ski in the morning and surrender yourself to the luxury of the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon. You can breakfast with herdsmen on the mountain meadow and end your evening in a richly stocked wine cellar at the edge of the Pannonian plain. You can travel through time all day in museums, castles, churches, and art galleries and enjoy the evening out in one of the Europe’s best casinos. Today you can delight in the ethnographic sights, tastes, and sounds of a traditional village celebration, and tomorrow you can satisfy your cultural cravings at a world- class cultural event.

Ljubljana ( – one of the youngest capitals in Central Europe – a city of the Baroque and the Art Nouveau, exciting, playful, beautiful!

Bled ( - a pearl of the Alps, a jewel among the Alpine resorts and widely known for its mild curative climate and the thermal lake water.

Kranjska Gora (
Zgornjesavska valley with Kranjska Gora ( are one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Slovenia. Zgornjesavska valley rests in the utmost Northwestern part of Slovenia, close to Austrian and Italian borders. Nowadays the valley represents an important winter sports center renowned for the World Alpine Ski Championships and Ski Jumping Championships at the Planica ski jump. Zgornjesavska valley with many sports events and plenty of entertainment is the place for an active holiday for all who enjoy sport, parties and fun the snow...

Soca Valley ( Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, Nova Gorica. The Soca Valley is geographical unit along western Slovenian border with Italy, which includes the river Soca and its tributaries, from the source to where it flows through the Nova Gorica flatlands. The eastern border of the valley runs across the high peaks of the Julian Alps which divide it from neighboring Bohinj. Kobarid is famous from the First World war as the place where the Soca front was pierced in one of the most vicious mountain battles in recorded history. Ernest Hemingway wrote about this valley in his book “A Farewell to Arms”.

Portoroz- literally means the Port of Roses. Mediterranean city with a variety of choices for active vacations. Soak in the Portoroz springs and mud baths or walk among the natural beauty of the cypresses, and enjoy the smell of rosemary and bay all around.

Piran (, Izola and Koper ( are three of Slovenia’s oldest costal towns. A half an hour away are Lipica Stud Farm ( ) from 16. century with famous Lipizzaner Horses and Skocjan Cave – a giant hollow into which a river disappears and which, in the subterranean interior, transforms into canyon over one hundred meters deep. Postojna Caves ( )- the biggest underground caves in Europe with mysterious human fish (Proteus anguinus), first mentioned in 1213.

Slovenian Thermal Spas and Health Resorts ( - written documents about Slovenian thermal waters date back to 1147. Fifteen Slovenian health and tourist centers take pride in their certified status as natural health resorts. Far from the city noise and the ever faster pace of modern life, you can discover the secrets of unspoiled nature and devote time to yourself. You can spend pleasant family holidays, do something for yourself, for your body and spirit, and improve your physical and mental condition. This is made possible by well equipped health and recreation centers where you can swim, jogging, stroll, exercise on various equipment and playing fields, play golf and tennis, ride horses, ski, enjoy mountain - biking, and the same time learn to live in a more beautiful and healthier way.

MARIBOR - an embrace of experience ( The second most important centre in Slovenia invites you to the embrace of its wine growing hills and green Pohorje, whose mountain foothills and slopes are developing into a key tourist region offering a wide variety of interesting activities throughout the year! On the sparkling surface of the River Drava, along which you can take a trip on a raft, reflects the Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world.

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Area: 7,819 square miles (about the size of New Jersey).
2,020,000 (Ljubljana, 323,000; Maribor, 134,000).